Zak and Wheezie

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Zak and Wheezie are brother and sister–one body and two heads. Zak is the neat, quiet, orderly, stubborn, arrogant, green brother; Wheezie is the wild, loud, friendly, free-spirited, crazy purple sister. They're real music lovers, and skilled musicians; they make up a "one-dragon band" which can even play scales on their scales. At times, their opposite personalities can lead to disagreement, but harmony returns when they learn to respect and listen to each other. They'll try anything to get away from each other in moments of anger and violence -- in one episode, they found a magical chant that separated them, or an "Alone Cone", which isolates one head from the other--but in the end they're always glad to be reunited. Their musical-note badges light up when they can find a way to meet a difficult challenge–like getting along with each other. As with most brothers and sisters, they don't agree on a lot, but when they put their heads together, it's music to their ears. in Lets dance it is prven that they are ticklish. Note the fact that when the tickle twinkle tickled on one side only one of them laughed despite them having the same tummy. Zak's catchphrase is "Take it easy, Wheezie" Wheezie's catchphrase is, "Looooove it".