There were a list on WQED Sunday's Schedule on June 26.

Early Schedule (6am - 9am) Edit

  • 6:00am Sid the Science Kid
  • 6:30am Caillou
  • 7:00am Baraney & Friends
  • 7:30am Bob the Builder "Mind Out"
  • 8:00am Bob the Builder
  • 8:30am Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Daytime Schedule (9am - 6pm) Edit

  • 9:00am Clifford the Big Red Dog "Circus Stars/Limelight Fright"
  • 9:30am Space Racers "Where Are We?/Starling DSV"
  • 10:00am Cyberchase "Father's Day"
  • 10:30am SciGirls Stories: Real Woman, Real Jobs
  • 11:00am The National Geographic Bee 2016
  • Noon An Ice Cream Show
  • 1:00pm Great Performances at the Met

Evening Schedule Edit

  • 6:00pm Member Favorites
  • 8:00pm Dancing on the Edge
  • 9:00pm Inspector Lewis Season 8 on Masterpiece
  • 10:30pm The Tunnel
  • 11:30pm Burt Wolf's Travels and Traditions
  • Midnight Globe Trekker

Trivia Edit

  • Some June 2016 broadcasts are missing with Design Squad & Biz Kid$ and go straight to National Geographic Bee.
  • Two Parts of Design Squad "Escape from Misery Island" would air on July 3 & July 24.