This is the WMHT Schedule.

2003 (weekday schedule only)Edit

6:30am: Zoboomafoo

7:00am: Arthur

7:30am: Clifford the Big Red Dog

8:00am: Dragon Tales

8:30am: Sagwa, The Chinese Siamese Cat

9:00am: The Berenstain Bears/Seven Little Monsters

9:30am: Barney & Friends

10:00am: Caillou

10:30am: Between the Lions

11:00am: Sesame Street

12:00pm: Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

12:30pm: Teletubbies

2:30pm: Reading Rainbow

3:00pm: Arthur

3:30pm: George Shrinks

4:00pm: Cyberchase

4:30pm: Liberty's Kids

5:00pm: Zoom


Time Weekdays Saturday Sunday/Other
6:00 am: Tavis Smiley
6:30 am: Berenstain Bears
7:00 am: Arthur Sesame Street Jakers!
7:30 am: Clifford the Big Red Dog Clifford's Puppy Days
8:00 am: Dragon Tales Bob the Builder Dragon Tales
8:30 am: It's a Big Big World The Big Comfy Couch Thomas & Friends
9:00 am: Sesame Street
10:00 am: Caillou
10:30 am

Barney & Friends

11:00 am: Between the Lions
11:30 am: Reading Rainbow
12:00 pm: Mr. Rogers Neighborhood
12:30 pm: Teletubbies ITV (Thursdays)
2:30 pm: CyberChase
3:00 pm: Arthur
3:30 pm: Postcards from Buster
4:00 pm: 


4:30 pm: Maya & Miguel
5:00 pm: Homework Hotline Dragonfly TV (Fridays)