This is the WEDU Schedule.

April 1999-September 1999?

Morning- Weekdays

7:00am Huggabug Club

7:30am Teletubbies

8:00am Barney and Friends

8:30am Arthur

9:00am Sesame Street

10:00am Noddy

10:30am Zoboomafoo

11:00am Reading Rainbow

11:30am Mister Rogers Neighborhood

Afternoon- Weekdays

3:00pm The Puzzle Place

3:30pm Theodore Tugboat

4:00pm Bill Nye The Science Guy

4:30pm ZOOM

5:00pm Arthur

5:30pm Barney and Friends

6:00pm Wishbone

Morning- Saturdays

6:00am Tots TV

6:30am Theodore Tugboat

7:00am Sesame Street

8:00am ZOOM

8:30am Dudley the Dragon

Morning- Sundays

6:00am Sesame Street

7:00am Teletubbies

7:30am Dudley the Dragon

8:00am Arthur

8:30am Barney and Friends

9:00am Noddy

9:30am Wishbone

November 2016-????

Morning- Weekdays

6:00am The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That

6:30am Arthur

7:00am Wild Kratts

7:30am Ready Jet Go

8:00am Nature Cat

8:30am Curious George

9:00am Daniel Tigers Neighborhood

9:30am Daniel Tigers Neighborhood

10:00am Splash and Bubbles

10:30am Sesame Street

11:00am Dinosaur Train

11:30am Peg + Cat

Afternoon- Weekdays

3:00pm Thomas & Friends

3:30pm Splash and Bubbles

4:00pm Odd Squad

4:30pm Odd Squad

5:00pm Wild Kratts

Morning- Saturdays

5:30am Thomas & Friends

6:00am Thomas & Friends

6:30am Bob the Builder

7:00am Daniel Tigers Neighborhood

7:30am Daniel Tigers Neighborhood

Morning- Sundays

6:00am Sid the Science Kid

6:30am Dinosaur Train

7:00am Bob the Builder

7:30am Daniel Tigers Neighborhood

8:00am Curious George

8:30am Nature Cat

9:00am Ready Jet Go

9:30am Wild Kratts