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Becky Botsford/WordGirl, Bob Botsford/Captain Huggyface, TJ Botsford, Voilet Heaslip, Todd "Scoops Ming, Tim Botsford, Sally Botsford, Bampy Botsford, Sonny Days, The Mayor, The Farmer, Victoria Best, Theodore "Tobey" McCallister, Claire McCallister, Doctor Two-Brains, Chuck The Evil Sandwich Making Guy, Mr. Big, The Butcher, Granny May, Miss Power, Miss Question, Eileen/The Birthday Girl, The Whammer, Lady Redundant Woman, Nocan the Contrarian, Seymour Orlando Smooth, The Learnerer and Hal Hardbargian,

Tobey's Robot[]

Artsy, Robot, Checkmate 3000,

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