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Captain Huggyface, otherwise known as Bob, Bobby, or Robert (perhaps Bob Botsford if he has been adopted into the family like Becky), is WordGirl's sidekick. He was a Lexoconian Air Force Pilot, before he crashed on earth with the infant WordGirl on-board. Unlike WordGirl, Captain Huggyface has no super powers, and often has to take the bus home when WordGirl forgets that he can't fly. When not in costume, he is the Botsford's family pet - under the name of Bob. People tend to mistake him for other other types of animals. He has been called a hedgehog, (flying) rabbit,doggy, koala, rat, aardvark (in tights), ferret, otter, llama, a hairy kid, and plenty of others. He loves to eat almost anything, even the dreaded Beans à la Botsford, although he hates the repulsive Chicken Liver Fricassee and beef bouillon the Butcher once conjured. He cant speak, but he is good at emoting, and only Becky/WordGirl can understand him perfectly.

According to the official WordGirl website: Captain Huggy Face is WordGirl's greatest ally! This brilliant monkey is also from Planet Lexicon (he was piloting WordGirl's spaceship when it crashed). Unlike WordGirl, Captain Huggy Face has no superpowers and often has to take the bus home when WordGirl forgets he can't fly. When he's not in costume, he is the Botsford family pet--but most people mistake him for a dog.

It is shown that Captain Huggyface has an older brother back on Lexicon in the episode 'Chuck's Brother', who's achievements have been a source of a lot of envy in Huggyface.

On the game show May I Have a Word?, Captain Huggyface presents the prizes - which usually gets used, destroyed, or eaten by the end of the show. At the end of the show, he emotes an expression that is asked of him, and then he does his victory dance.)